We would like to welcome the families, fans, and athletes from the
Midwest Xplosion gym.
It has been a real pleasure getting to know every body and being a part
of the excitement and talent that is so proudly portrayed in these photos.
We sincerely hope you enjoy the photos.
Please call us to order or request special images.

See you at the gym
George and Deb

All images are © George E. Stewart please do not download without permission.
  George and Debbie Stewart, White Lake MI     (248)-762-1289 or (248)-762-1290
email- stewartphoto@comcast.net

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Photos are raw and unedited
they will be processed and cropped when ordered.
We will select the best team photo.

Orders placed by phone will not be charged shipping
and will be delivered to the gym. Please place orders by
December 3rd to be returned to the gym.

Orders placed on the web will be charged shipping
Thank You

Deb- (248)-762-1290
George- (248)-762-1289